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Silver RAT 2023 Cracked


⁣It is the best Remote administration tool of 2023 which has many unique features We never neglect or let our product die It is updated all the time. We have good ideas and future updates.
🐳 Stub: The default size is 35 KB And it depends Based on your choice of features. The more features you choose, the higher the base payload size.

⭐ Hidden RDP
⭐ Hidden VNC
⭐ Hidden Apps
⭐ Hidden Browaser
⭐ Hidden Process
⭐ Hidden Installation
⭐ Cryptocurrency monitor
✔ Password stealer 🔐Get you all data and passwords as follows
🔑 Browsers + cookies
🔑 Apps
🔑 Gaming
🔑 Bank cards
🔑 Market
🔑 Cryptocurrency wallets
🔑 System
✔ Send all data to Discord
🔔 If you enable this feature Once the client clicks on the payload All client data will be listed Such as 🔐Get you all data and passwords as follows
And you compile it into a zip file with a password And it sends you a download link to your Discord account And It tells you whether this client is new or you already have it
✔ Additional attachments
⭐ Stub Private / FUD ❕It will take two days or less for Stub Private to be programmed and sent to you by email automatically
⭐ BypassAV / FUD
⭐ Exploit Macro Builder | Doc & Docx & Xlsm & vbs & JS
⭐ Bypass WD Builder | Add exceptions
⭐ Binder


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Redrmx 5 months ago

Amazing your video keep going like this

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