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Latest Mathway Checker By Pj V1


What is Mathway?
Mathway is a platform where you can solve your math problem step by step. This platform will also provide you with an explanation of the actions. It can also resolve basic math, Pre-Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Chemistry, Statistics, and Graphing. Mathway is also available on android and iOS well.

Mathway Checker v1.1
I know the this checker seems useless, but I had nothing to code, and I saw Mathway’s config on my discord, so I converted that into the checker as this checker is based on Android API, so you will get decent CPM even with public proxies. It also saves both free and premium accounts in separate files. I have tried my best to capture only valuable information but if you still think I have missed some info, let me know I’ll update the checker.

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