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How To Get Free Xbox Game Pass For 3 Months 2021 - METHOD

Crax.Tube Bot
Crax.Tube Bot

⁣1: First Go To This Website & Make A New Account .

2: Use Temp Mail To Make A New Account .

3: After Making New Account Click On Try Free Premium .

4: Choose The Middle One And Click On Start 14-Day Free Trial .

5: Now use this BIN:
⁣Crunchyroll Bin
BIN: 44919236655xxxxx
IP: No VPN Change Payment Country to BOLIVIA :bolivia:
ZIP: 0000

6: Then Go To This Website And Generate Crunchyroll CC .

7: Copy The Generated CC And Paste It In This Website To Check Live CC .

8: Copy The Live Card & Paste It Here , Change The Country To Bolivia And
Use zip Code 0000 .

9: Go To This Link , It Will Show Currently Out Of Codes Dont Worry
Just Open This Wesbite In Mobile And Log In To Your Crunchyroll Account And
You Will See Your Code .

10: Make A Fresh Account In Microsoft & Dont Use Old Account Only Use
New Account .

11: Sign In To Your Account Then Copy The Code And Go This Page & Paste It Here .

12: It Will Ask You For Us Address Just Use My Address In Description , After Adding
New Address , Click Next Then It Will Ask You For Payment Method Choose Credit Then
Download The Microsoft Bin From Description , Generate CC Copy Paste It Here Then
Click On Next .

13: You Have Successfully Activated Xbox Game Pass For 3 Month .

14: Enjoy Guys

CREDITS: ⁣Cracking & Windows Help

⁣Microsoft Bin
BIN: 4016580162xxxxxx
DATE: 05/24
IP: Doesn’t Matter!
ADDRESS: Doesn’t Matter!

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broxhero 3 years ago

he tell me out of stock how i can get it ?

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