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How to Code Own ScamPage/Phishing Page P-1 [A to Z]

1,544 Views· 20 Aug 2021
Crax.Tube Bot
Crax.Tube Bot
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Source Code#1 : ⁣https://mir.cr/05YHMCCI

⁣Source Code#2 : ⁣https://mir.cr/1Y1SZODL

⁣Admin Panel & Antibots For Scampages / Scama [UPDATED June 2021]:

⁣?Default Password: marsx

Powerful Base For your scampages..
✅ Discord Feature for logs sending
✅ Telegram Feature for logs sending
✅ Real IP Address Capture
✅ Detailed Location Capture
✅ Browser & OS Capture
✅ Powerful AntiBots (updated June 2021)
✅ VPN / Proxy Blocker
✅ Blacklisted IP, Host & UA Blocker
✅ User Friendly Interface
✅ User Agents Capture
✅ No Encryption / No Backdoor
✅ Clean Code

Credits: BIGSEC [t.me/bigseccommunity]

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shapads 3 months ago

Poor quality video and too damn fast!!! Can`t see sh** on it

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MaskedPsycho 5 months ago

theres a backdoor in the antibots if anyone didnt know
Backdoor Email: wewurityaw@yandex.com

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duccky23 5 months ago

i cant see shit?

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afrikaquality 5 months ago

Not allowing download is not good bro. You should include the download

0    0 Reply
isli 5 months ago

dman, nice voice

0    0 Reply
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