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Binalyze Irec Dongle Tactical Edition V2



PW : Dr.FarFar
Binalyze IREC Dongle Tactical Edition
The All-in-one Evidence Collector for Incident Response
Evidence Collector for Professionals

Why do you need Binalyze IREC Dongle Tactical Edition ?
All in One ( Collect everything you need with a single mouse-click. )
Blazing Fast ( Developed with performance in mind. )
Malware Resistant ( Doesn’t let malware interfere with the collection process. )
User Friendly ( No scripts or weird settings. Just click and run! )
Hardware Assisted ( Talks with bare-metal directly for revealing the truth. )

Incident Response (IR) is a difficult and burdensome task for IR teams, but with IREC, it is as easy as a
single mouse click. All-in-one evidence collector IREC automates collecting critical evidence from a live
system for you only in a blink of an eye. No need to lose your precious time looking for the needle in
the proverbial haystack anymore. IREC minimizes incident response time to minutes and increases their
effectiveness by presenting you with all the needed clues. Additionally, by collecting & preserving evidence,
it meets the needs of cybersecurity and digital forensic at the same time. Imagine an automated IR
software that collects and presents all critical data for you. That’s IREC and that’s all you need for the
fastest IR ever.

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