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Best Deezer Checker By Pj V1



Today I’m presenting to you the best Deezer checker of 2022. This tool is based on API. That’s why it works great even with public proxies. I have already posted many checkers of Deezer on my website, but unfortunately, those tools aren’t working anymore. So here is the brand new tool that works like a charm and captures almost every detail of an account.
For the past few days, I have been busy removing malware from my website as my website was compromised with malware. That’s why I couldn’t upload tools, but now I’m done with the virus, I will try to upload the latest devices.

Best Deezer Checker v1.1
What makes this tool the best Deezer checker so far? It contains all the features that were lacking from my previous Deezer tool. This tool is based on API and works fine with free proxies, but I recommend HQ proxies or at least fresh proxies for better CPM and speed. It saves both free and premium in separate files, making it easier to find premium accounts. In the case of a premium account, it captures subscription name, end date, country, and invitation link with a few more captures.

I hope you will like this Deezer account checker and my efforts. If you find any problems or bugs & errors while using this tool, let me know in the comments. I’ll try to update the checker as soon as possible. I always mention one more thing in every post: checking virustotal links before downloading any tool from this site. These days, the virustotal link for my tools shows many viruses because I’m using an expired version of GunaUI. So don’t panic it doesn’t contain any virus.

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